Unique & Fun Places To Visit In Bikaner – A Trip Through The Cultural Heritage

Bikaner displays the exotic beauty of Rajasthan and attracts travelers from across the world to indulge in royalty. The city is in northwest Rajasthan. Bikaner city is a land of flavors and has a rich history, traditions, culture, and cuisine. The city is a cultural paradise to architecture lovers of mesmerizing architectural work displayed in forts and palaces. As you step onto the land of Bikaner, you would be astonished and wish to go to the regal era timeline. Bikaner is one of the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan.

There is a long list of tourist places to visit in Bikaner. Camel festival in January is one of the must-see things in the city. Junagarh fort, Karni Mata temple, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Skybird Waterpark, Gajner wildlife sanctuary, and as we said, the list is endless. We have sorted out the best places to visit in Bikaner on the Jodhpur Bikaner tour. And to add more, we have also created a list of local food to try in Bikaner during the trip. Scroll down to know-

Places To Visit In Bikaner

Junagarh Fort-

The fort’s foundation was built by Rao Bika in 1478 and was just a stone structure. The current grand design is made by Raja Rai Singh in 1589 and consists of palaces, balconies, gardens, temples, and kiosks. Everything inside the fort is blended architectural styles, inspired by various rulers’ cultures. The Chandra Mahal, Karan Mahal, Phool Mahar, and Anup Mahal are a few major attractions in Junagarh Fort, and Zenana quarters lure tourists’ attention as they showcase unimpeachable designs.

Karni Mata Temple-

Karni Mata temple is a unique place to visit in Bikaner and will likely stand out from all the famous tourist spots in Bikaner. The 15th-century temple is known to be home to likely 20,000 to 25,000 rats that are honored. Also, many people across the world come here to pay respect to the Kabbas (rats), food eaten by the rats is considered holy and is distributed among devotees as prasad. Another noteworthy feature of the temple is its Mughal-style architectural construction.

Lallgarh Palace –

The Lalgarh palace was built between 1902 and 1926 by Maharaja Ganga Singh. It is a breathtaking palace that is also one of the must-visit places in Bikaner.  The European architecture palace is now transformed into a heritage hotel and is under National Heritage Trust, but is open for visitors. You can find the history of Rajasthani royalties in the Shri Sadul Museum in the estates. Inside the Ganga Niwas Museum, you can see miniature paintings linking to the Bikaner arts school. You can also witness the ancient artifacts that belong to the  Harappan culture and the Gupta age.

Gajner Palace-

It is among the famous tourist places in Bikaner and is situated along the bank of the lake. The palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh, the former ruler of Bikaner. The intricate pillars, screens, and jharokhas constructed in red sandstone make this palace a true example of craftsmanship. The palace’s location allows tourists to indulge in wildlife sightseeing and see Blue Bull, chinkaras, deer, nilgais, antelopes, black bucks, and imperial sand goose.

Rampuria Havelis-

The Rampuria Havelis was built over 100 years by a Bikaner’s wealthy merchants. The Havelis are an ideal example of the aesthetic sagacity left by the ancestors. The majesty and beauty of these royal Havelis give us the vibes of our ancestors’ era, and you would feel like you’re going back centuries. Rampuria is one of the must-visit tourist places in Bikaner and is a haven for architecture lovers.

National Research Centre on Camel-

Not just Bikaner, but in the whole of Rajasthan, it is a place that needs to be visited once in life. Camels are a crucial part of the desert ecosystem. The site is more of a breed facility for camels, where you’d find 230 camels of three various breeds. The place is open for visitors every day from 02:30 PM to 05:00 PM. There is also a museum showcasing the research and development features of camels. Camel ride and safari facility are also available, along with beverages made out of camel milk, such as lassi and kulfi. You must visit this unique place in Bikaner.

Local Dishes To Try In Bikaner-

Dal Baati Choorma- A Bikaner tour would be incomplete without trying its best food. Dal Baati Choorma is synonymous with the dish of Rajasthan. One simply cannot miss this cuisine during their Jodhpur Bikaner tour. Dal Baati Choorma is a complete meal, where Dal is flavored and cooked lentils, baati is wheat flour roasted dumplings dipped in ghee, and choorma is a desert.

Mirchi Bada and Pyaaz Kachori- A trip to Bikaner comes up with delicious twists for your taste buds. The tour brings the chance to try every famous Rajasthani dish you’ve heard. One of them is pyaaz (onion) kachori. A crispy, deep-fried, spices and onion stuffed flatbread, a favorite breakfast/snack option in Rajasthan. Mirchi Bada is another delicious snack to try during the Bikaner Jodhpur tour. It is a chickpea flour batter-coated, spicy potato stuffed plump chili that is deep fried.

Kes Sangri- This is a must-try recipe from the desert. It is prepared by stir-frying local wild berries, ker, and beans, sangria from the khejri tree. Look for the Kheji tree and try Ker sangri pickle and ker sangria sabji on your Bikaner trip.

Lal Maas- If you’re someone who loves non-veg, don’t miss this famous non-vegetarian Rajasthani dish that was invented in the royal kitchen. Include this lip-smacking dish in the list of food to try during the Bikaner Jodhpur tour. The spicy blend of local spices and unique cooking method defines the Lal Maas.

There is a lot more to the list of places to visit in Bikaner. Bikaner is an understated city in Rajasthan and has a lot to offer to anyone. Our Bikaner Jodhpur tour packages offer customization and allow you to enjoy the trip at a minimal price. Please visit our official website to know more about the Bikaner Jodhpur tour package.

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