About Europe

Europe is a continent of romantic places. Europe is the second smallest continent in the world which has 50 countries. Also, in Europe, you can see the world’s smallest country, Vatican City. More than 400 UNESCO World Heritage sites are present in Europe, which are the main attractions of Europe. Each nation has its unique culture, language, and beauty. People enjoy it a lot on Europe tours. Here you can see the biggest church in the world. The palaces and the statues all look like they are trying to explain their histories. In the best Europe tour packages from India, you can visit some most famous countries of Europe, which are primarily famous for their culture, snow-capped mountains, palaces, blue lakes, hilltop castles, etc.

Why visit Europe?

Europe is one of the most visited places in the world by those who like to spend time with nature and those who are more interested to see historical places. All the different country’s cultural landmarks, beautiful scenery, and languages are different from each other. So you may need clarification as to where you should start your travel. We have here the Europe tour packages with some mostly visited selected cities. This research will help you to travel to the right places. So you can have a good time there. Check out the 5 countries below and why they are famous; you should include those on your Europe tour packages from India for family.

  1. France

France is one of the most traveled nations in Europe and our first choice on our Europe honeymoon tour package from India. There are a lot more things you should investigate. The Eiffel Tower in France’s capital city of Paris, art museums, breathtaking beaches, unique architecture, etc., are just a few of the key draws that draw tourists there each year. One of the most charming cities on earth is this one. Dine by candlelight, hop from pastry shop to pastry shop, and past the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Paris is a real lothario, winning over hearts and dazzling people repeatedly. You can add a special touch to your meal by serving candlelight and cakes from various bakeries close to the Seine. You can travel through golden grasslands that are swaying in Paris. Therefore, round up your day by visiting beaches and museums, then spend the evening dining, dancing, and listening to music.

Switzerland is not a very big country, but it has many exciting things to see and do. Switzerland is our second country choice on this Europe tour package. Start your travel from Zurich, which is the gateway of the country. Then start exploring Lucerne, the historic town. Here you can see the best landmarks, the chapel bridge, and the lion monument. At Mt Titlis, you can spend some time with nature. The cable cars are available there to take you to the top of the Titlis mount. You can take a boat ride at Interlaken and explore some village life. The beautiful scenery of Switzerland and the top-designed historical buildings will catch your eye. The Jungfraujoch is the highest train station you can see  in Europe. You can see the mountain and enjoy the lovely view from a long distance covered with ice. With these, there are many more things to explore. Go there, explore different places and foods, and have a good time.

The Netherlands is a country where you can see a great combination of innovation and beautiful old-world charm. After the USA, this is the second significant food exporter. The Netherlands is a small country that is located below sea level. Its main attractions are extensive fields of colorful tulips and windmills. Also, there are many churches, old but fashioned townhouses, modern cafes, and different vintage shops, which creates a reason for people who want to travel to the Netherlands. You can make an innovative skyline at Rotterdam city, and at Utrecht, you can see the tree-lined canals. As this city is small in size, so you can explore many places in a short time.

Due to some historical reasons, Germany is famous as the heart of Europe. This country is mainly known for the bratwursts and best quality beers in the world. Besides these things, there are many more places and things to explore. The museums in Berlin, the castles at Bavaria and in Frankfurt you can also explore skyscrapers. This is one of the safest countries on the European continent, and more than 50% of people speak English. So you can travel easily here. Oktoberfest and Christmas are some famous festivals here. So you can also enjoy their festivals when you visit there in October or November ends

When we think about Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is pizza and pasta. But there are many more mountains, fine architecture, long beaches, and world-famous museums, which are some of the main attractions of visitors who plan to visit Italy. You can see the stunning scenery when you travel over the Tuscan hills, as this field is full of sunflowers. Everywhere you will find statues and fine architecture which try to explain their histories and their relation with Rome. When exploring food, you can see many things, such as floating Venice, palaces, churches, shopping malls, etc. The sunset looks amusing here; when it falls on the marble of the palaces, it changes its color. In Italy, you can see art everywhere. At the Cinque Terre, you can see colorful houses, mostly in olive groves and cliffs. When sunlight falls on the deep blue ocean, its light reflects on green cliffs, adding more beauty to the surroundings. Most travelers sit in an open space with a refreshing gelato on hand to have a good time there. With this, you can spend your evening with many colorful lights, music, and food.

When To Visit Europe?

You can see variations in the temperature of continental Europe when you start moving south to north.

Summer season: This is the season that visitors prefer to travel to Europe. As in summer here, days are long with warm weather. So you can travel quickly and enjoy every moment. But you should reserve your hotels earlier to get your chosen one, as many visitors come to Europe, especially in summer.

Winter season: Europe gets colder in the month of late November. But only some of the cities are covered with snow by December. So you can make your plan before December last. Europe is coldest in January and February. So you can get some more discounts on every reservation.

Spring season: This is a perfect time to visit Europe. The country becomes less crowded so you can get cheaper flights and hotels.

Autumn season: This is from September to November. This time is cheaper than other seasons. Rains are common in the Autumn season in Europe, making the weather wet and cold at times.

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