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Over a thousand tiny islands make up the island nation of Maldives, which is located in the Indian Ocean. Among these, there are about 200 inhabited islands dispersed over thousands of kilometers. Male, the Maldives’ capital, is situated southwest of Sri Lanka. The volcanic mountain ranges that make up the Maldives Islands cause them to be coral atolls. A compelling reason to travel to the Maldives is the islands’ all-pervasive breathtaking beauty. This is why it is a well-liked honeymoon destination if you enjoy a tranquil environment or wish to participate in adventure activities like snorkeling or scuba diving. Look Book Fly offers the best maldives tour package for couple from India.

You can choose from various hotels in Maldives tour package for couple from India, including on land and in the water, in addition to elegant villas.

About Maldives

The population of the nation is a mixture of many ethnic groups; the Tamils and Singhalese are thought to have been the initial settlers on these islands. Later, numerous visitors from nations like Indonesia, China, and the Arab world visited these islands occasionally, leaving a profound cultural effect on the nation. Dhivehi is the nation’s official language. English, Hindi, and Arabic are also spoken in addition to the original tongue. Islam is the official religion of the nation. The primary income source of this island is agriculture and handicrafts. In the Maldives package, you can learn about the Maldivian culture and take advantage of the country’s many cottage industries.

Things To Do Experience In Maldives

Scuba diving

For scuba divers, the Maldives is one of the best choices overall. If you don’t know about diving, then don’t worry. Many affordable dive centers are where you can make your discovery dive. The sea water’s color is blue with, crystal clear, and warm. So you can see reef sharks, sea turtles, whale sharks, etc. Try once and make an adventure game.

The snorkeling trips

The snorkeling trip is the second choice of every adventurer. To enjoy snorkeling, you dont have to go so deep. Spending some time in the water, you can see a lot of marine life. The colorful fishes and sea turtles are the main attraction of this snorkeling trip.

Island hopping

maldives tour package for couple from India

In the Maldives, there is a large settlement, so local people live and work there. If you plan to stay on Maldives private island, you should book an excursion to visit the nearby local islands. In this way, you can complete your day trip nicely.

Surfing in the Maldives

In the Maldives, you can experience world-class surfing. If you don’t know how to surf, go there in the morning time and watch the people who are surfing. This is also a fantastic experience to see them live. For this reason, Maldives is the first choice for adventurers.

Stand up with paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is an excellent game in the Maldives. In safe bays, you can make this paddle, and you will see colorful fishes swimming around you. With a paddleboard, you can enjoy the side views.

Treat yourself by visiting the spa

No doubt, the Maldives is a romantic place and the first choice for making honeymoon trips. Couples and families highly demand a couple’s massage. Go there and give it a try on pampering yourself. Make a plan to visit the spas with your cheap Maldives tour packages from India.

Make your dinner romantic with a sunset

Maldives is one of the best romantic destinations on the earth. There are many private restaurants which are specialized in providing unique romantic dinner service. You can book your private romantic dinner in the Maldives to make your night more special.

The bungalows over the water

Booking a bungalow over the water will be a fantastic experience when you feel like your home is floating over the water. But you can enjoy the beauty and site views by booking this. You can jump from the bungalow to the waters below your bungalow and can swim. The Cinnamon Hakuraa is the place where you will find such a service. The bungalow over the water will be a good choice for swimming, sunbathing and complete relaxation to yourself.

Parasailing in the Maldives

parasailing is another best choice for travelers who want to see the beauty of the Maldives from a top-level distance. It will give you an extraordinary feeling by feeling the wind touching your hair. When your boat starts taking you up, you will enjoy every beautiful scenery around you. So make this a part of your maldives tour package for couple from India and collect some fantastic experiences in the air.

Explore Male

maldives tour package for couple from India

Male is the capital of the Maldives island. It is a small island, but its population is more than 227000. For this reason, this is known as one of the most densely populated cities in the world. But there many more things you can explore. The top cities like the Male fish market and Old mosque. You can visit there and try their local handicrafts and local foods.

The Male fish market is famous as the heartbeat of the city. This market is always hectic throughout the day. At the national museum, you can see the history of the Maldives. Also, there is a park named Sultan park. So make sure to visit all these places.

The right time to book the Maldives Tour

Check the weather in the Maldives before booking any Maldives tour packages from India. Maldives is warm all year round, but April and May are particularly hot. Starting in May, the islands experience a heavy rainy season with 5 to 10 inches of rainfall every month. Therefore, it will benefit you if you intend to vacation there between November and March. The weather in the Maldives isn’t particularly cool or hot at that time, so you may travel safely. In addition, there are severe winds blowing around in the rainy season, so if you’re on your honeymoon trip, you must avoid it. However, adventure seekers will enjoy the enormous waves, which are perfect for surfing and swaying.


This is not all about the Maldives that we have mentioned above. There are many more beaches, resorts, and shopping points there, and you need to explore them. Maldives is famous mainly for giving luxurious service anytime. You will have different and new memorable experiences at each place. So without any confusion, plan for a Maldives honeymoon tour package from India and have an unforgettable experience for yourself.

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